The satirical US sitcom F Troop may have only lasted two seasons (1965-1967), but it remains a cult classic – and who better to make a suitably spooky appearance at the height of his horror film career fame than Vincent Price? This second season episode, V is for Vampire, which aired on 2 February 1967 (at 8pm), was also a chance for Vincent to send up his image, something he he would continue to do in popular TV shows like The Brady Bunch and Get Smart.

V is for Vampire (1967)

Here, Price plays Count Sforza, a black cloak wearing emigrant from Transylvania, who arrives at Fort Courage (in a hearse, of course) with his pet crow, whom he calls ‘Brother’, to take up residence in a seemingly haunted house on the edge of town. Corporal Agarn (Larry Storch) suspects he may be a vampire, given the count’s tendency to say, ‘Good evening’, regardless of the time of day, and being as pale as a corpse. When Jane (Melody Patterson) fails to come home after delivering some to Sforza, he convinces O’Rourke (Forrest Tucker) and the Captain (Ken Berry) to check out the creepy mansion…

V is for Vampire (1967)

But it turns out that Sforza has moved to the US to escape those very dark forces (read: anti-American) that the Fort Courage boys have been commissioned to defeat – so the moral of the story is you should never judge a person by their appearances (or where they come from). Given what’s been happening in the US under the new Trump administration, it seems quite a kindly reminder…

Watch the entire episode below, here…

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