Vincent Price continued to be a popular guest star on 1970s TV, often playing on his horror persona, becoming the Scary Uncle Vincent to many young viewers.

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Cucumber Castle (TV Special) **

Holiday Startime Special

Mod Squad
– A Time of Hyacinths

Here’s Lucy
– Lucy Cuts Vincent’s Price

Love, American Style
– Love and the Haunted House


What’s a Nice Girl Like You…?

The Golddiggers

Curiosity Shop

The Red Skelton Hour
– The Castaways (1971)
– Blood Is Thicker Than Water and Harder to Shave With (1970)
– You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country If You Promise Not to Bring Him Back (1970)

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein **

Night Gallery
– The Return of the Sorcerer
– Class of 99


The Brady Bunch
– The Tiki Caves

The Carol Burnett Show
– 9 February 1972 (S5 E18),
– 22 November 1972 (S6 E11)
– 9 February 1974 (S7 E19)
– 4 January 1975 (S8 E14)


– Lovely But Lethal


The Horror Hall of Fame: A Monster Salute

The Snoop Sisters
– A Black Day for Bluebeard


Consumer Survival Kit


The Bionic Woman
– Black Magic

Ellery Queen
– The Adventure of the Sinister Scenario


Lindsay Wagner: Another Side of Me (TV Special)

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
– Episode #1.3


The Love Boat
– Ship of Ghouls

Ringo (TV Special)


Time Express