This section is devoted to the records and audio books in which Vincent lent his velvet tones. Just click on the live links for more information.

Caedmon Record Series
• A Coven of Witches Tales
• A Graveyard of Ghost Tales
• Witches, Ghosts & Goblins
• A Hornbook for Witches

Master of the Macabre
• Witchcraft & Magic
• The Edgar Allan Poe Collection
• Ligeia
Goblins at the Bath House
• Tales of Horror

America the Beautiful
• Great American Poetry
The Poetry of Shelley
• Stories from the Book of Wonder
• Fancies and Goodnights
• Whimsey and Fantasy

Colorslide Tours

• International Cookery Course
• Wine is Elegance

• Gallery

• His Son: The Life and Times of Jesus
The Song of Moses
• The Bible Answers

Offbeat Rarities
• Dimension
Century Twenty-First
• Odyssey
• Haunted Mansions
• Miami Herald
• Great American Speeches