CO*STAR, The Record Acting Game was a series of 15 LP records released by Co Star records, a subsidiary of Roulette Records, that appeared in the late 1950s and 1960s featuring some big – and not-so-big – actors and singers performing scenes from plays, novels and films in which ‘YOU act scenes opposite your favorite star!’. Each record contained a two-character scene, with blanks for your part, and included a 20-24-page script, which indicated when to insert your lines.

Co Star: The Record Acting Game

This was a great novelty concept from Roulette Records (who were later discovered to be run by mobsters), and featured some of the company’s own recording artists, including Jimmie Rodgers and Pearl Bailey, alongside some really big names in Hollywood. Exactly how the likes of Vincent Price, Tallulah Bankhead and Sir Cedric Hardwicke ever came to getting involved is anyone’s guess (hopefully not by two heavies breathing down their necks), but thankfully their participation has meant fans have been able to ‘act’ against their all-time heroes for years to come. Maybe, the concept should be revived for the digital age?

For their 20th-anniversary in 1977, Roulette Records reissued the entire series, so there’s a good chance of tracking them all down.

Below is the entire Vincent Price record, and thanks to fan Stephen Jacobs you can CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIPT.

An Introduction

A Long Engagement

Enemy of the People

Love Affair


The Gambler

The Governor’s Son

The Importance of Being Earnest – Part One

The Importance of Being Earnest – Part Two


Check out this scene with London DJ Jai Rathbone….

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