These three Guided Tours of the World are part of the Colorslide Travel Program produced by Panorama, a service of the Columbia Record Club, between 1961 and 1962.

Vincent Price | Colorslide | Italy

Each book run 46 pages in length and 11″ by 8″ in size and contain two colourslide cards featuring 32 scenes and a 33rpm vinyl record narrated by Vincent Price.

The books, edited by Darlene Geis, also provide a history of each country, descriptions of the 32 iconic landmarks, and include some useful phrases and historical dates.

You can listen to them all in full below. These tribute videos were all made by Argentine Vincent Price fan, Beatriz Trazar.

1. A Colorslide Tour of Italy: Scenic Wonderland: Her Cities and Countryside (1961).

2. Colorslide Tour of Greece: Land of Antiquity: People, Places and Culture (1961).

3. A Colorslide Tour of Spain: Land of Sunlight and Shadow (1962).

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