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These five Guided Tours of the World’s Great Museums were produced by Panorama, a service of the Columbia Record Club, in 1960 in a series called, A Colorslide Tour of

Vincent Price_The Prado_Madrid

Each book run 46 pages in length and 11″ by 8″ in size and contain two colourslide cards featuring 32 masterpieces and a 33 1/3rpm vinyl record narrated by Vincent Price.

The books also provide a history of each museum and illustrated descriptions of the 32 works of art.

You can listen to them all in full below. These tribute videos were all made by Argentine Vincent Price fan, Beatriz Trazar.

1. The Prado Museum, Madrid.
Text guide by Francisco Javier Sanchez Canton, Associate Director, Prado Museum.

2. The Pitti Palace, Florence.
Text guide by Filippo Rossi, Administrator of the Museums of the Provinces of Florence, Arezzo, and Pistoia.

3. The Louvre, Paris.
Text guide by Germain Bazin, Curator-in-Chief of the Louvre.

4. Museum of Impressionism, Paris.
Text guide by Germain Bazin, Curator-in-Chief of the Louvre.

5. Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio

2 thoughts on “A Colorslide Tour | Visit the world’s great museums with Vincent Price from the comfort of your home”

  1. Hello,

    We own the entire collection of the colorsode tours.. what is the value? Who do we contact to learn the value of these and to sell them?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Gia. I’v been collecting these tours over many years and have found the prices are quite varied. I found mine for around £5 on E-bay. Does that help?

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