On 30 January 1969, Vincent Price guest starred in the fifth-season 15th-episode of Fess Parker’s popular action-adventure US TV series Daniel Boone, playing Thaddeus Morton, a conman trying to solicit funds from concerned citizens to build an orphanage. In reality, however, Thaddeus and his wife are forcing their charges to steal in exchange for food and shelter.

Daniel Boone | Copperhead Izzy

During a rare city visit staying with his Uncle Brian (J Pat O’Malley), Daniel’s Israel (Darby Hinton) is pining to return home to Boonesborough when he meets a group of orphans, including Black Cat Jack (The Munsters‘ Butch Patrick). Wanting to hang out with them, he lies that he’s also a streetwise orphan, going by the name, Copperhead Izzy.

But when Israel is taken to meet Thaddeus, he is shocked to learn that they have just robbed his uncle’s home. Fearing Israel will alert the authorities, Thaddeus then kidnaps the young lad…

Daniel Boone | Copperhead Izzy

Daniel Boone | Copperhead Izzy

Like his guest appearance in The Brady Bunch, Vincent has little interaction with the show’s big star, Fess Parker, instead he gets to showcase his legendary scary Uncle Vincent persona with the kids, in this case Darby Hinton and Butch Patrick (also guest starring).

His Fagin-like character is quite a hoot, if a little scary – especially when he threatens to take his cane to one young charge after he has been caught in the act. A year after appearing on Daniel Boone, Price took on the iconic role of Fagin in a touring US production of Olivier! from 1970 and 1976. It was a role that he cherished – and perfect casting I must say.

Watch the episode now in full here…

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