Vincent Price

This 27-minute audio recording is taken from a 1972 Thames TV magazine show in which Vincent Price is interviewed at The Royal Pavilion in Brighton about his long career on stage and screen, which kicked off in the 1930s in the UK when Vincent got a walk-on part at the Gate Theatre in their production of Chicago.

Vincent Price at Cleopatra’s Needle, London, with his Dr Phibes Rises Again co-stars Fiona Lewis and Valli Kemp.

Vincent also looks back at his many highs and lows on the big screen, including the glorious nonsense that was the Dr Goldfoot films, his famed horror roles like Dr Phibes, and his off-screen adventures collecting art for Sears, cooking, and being a practical parent to his 10-year-old daughter Victoria and 32-year-old son Barrett. This recording comes courtesy of the memorabilia collection of Vincent Price fan Bryan Hewitt.


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