Crossroads was a series based on the actual experiences of American clergymen, pastors, priests or rabbis, the men who give inspiration and guidance to people at the crossroads of life.

Price appeared in three episodes of the religiously-themed series, Cleanup as Protestant minister Reverend Robert Russell, The Rebel as rabbi Gershom Seixas (the first native-born Jewish religious leader in the United States), and God’s Healing as Episcopal clergyman Reverend Alfred Price. In each he gave consummate and riveting performances, which served to showcase both his range and his iconic voice.

Here they all are for your enjoyment…

(First broadcast 14 October 1955)

Writer Allan E. Sloane
Director Ralph Francis Murphy

Vincent Price ……. Reverend Robert Russell
Sally Blane ……… Mrs. Russell
Lloyd Corrigan …… David Selden
Peter Votrian ……. George Gilgo
Howard Petrie ……. Matt Ridge
Wheaton Chambers …. R.W. Bergen
James Kirkwood …… Justice Deal
Jonathan Hale ……. Governor

A Protestant minister wages a one-man campaign against vice and corruption in his city.

(First broadcast 2 March 1956)

Vincent Price ……. Rabbi Gershom Seixos
Carl Esmond ……… Major Zuntz
Lloyd Corrigan …… Myers
Lowell Gilmore …… Major Halley

The rabbi of a synagogue in New York is forced to flee during the American Revolution when British troops take over the city. An outspoken advocate for American independence, the rabbi risks his life to return to the enemy-held city to perform a religious service for one of the enemy.

(First broadcast 30 November 1956)

Vincent Price ……. Reverend Alfred W. Price
Frieda Inescort……… Helen Gould
Marcia Henderson…… Peggy
Adam Kennedy…… Don
Frank Wilcox…… John Gould
Michael Whalen…… Dr. Quinlan

God’s Healing was the ninth episode of the second season, and was directed by Nathan Juran (who would go on to helm such fantasy fare as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and TV’s Lost in Space). Here, Vincent Price plays Reverend Alfred Price, an Episcopal clergyman who helped promote the laying on of hands as part of his healing services at St. Stephen’s church in Philadelphia. This 25-minute episode follows the Reverend as he tries to reconcile an estranged mother with a heart condition and her pregnant daughter.



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