Vincent Price plays Peter Hammond, a former stage actor turned owner of an English Inn by the sea called Red Roof, who tries to manipulate the lives of his wife (Anna Lee) and the guests with disastrous results…

The Ringmaster (1952)

Produced by Robert Montgomery, directed by Vincent J Donahue, and adapted by Alvin Sapinsley from a play by Keith Winter, The Ringmaster was first broadcast on 26 May 1952. It also features two actors who would later appear in two of Vincent’s iconic horror films: Theatre of Blood (Robert Coote) and Madhouse (Adrienne Corri).

Cast: Vincent Price (Peter Hammond), Anna Lee (Ann Hammond), Robert Coote (George Amberwell), John Merivale (Julian West), Sarah Burton (Hilda Lancaster), Adrienne Corri (Peggy Lancaster), Betty Sinclair (Mrs. West), Mary Lou Taylor (Mary the maid), Stuart Burge (the mechanic).


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