Shock (1946)

A psychologically distraught woman (Anabel Shaw) finds herself committed to a private sanitarium run by the man (Vincent Price) who she witnessed killing his wife with a candlestick. Will anyone believe her before its too late?

Vincent Price excels as Dr Richard Cross, a leading psychiatrist whose secret affair with his nurse (Lynn Bari) inexecrably leads him to ruin.

Directed by Alfred Werker and produced by Aubrey Schneck, this 20th Century Fox feature had its US premiere on 10 January 1946, before going on general release on 1 February, to mixed reviews but becoming a modest box office success, which launched Schneck’s movie career (he would later reunite with Price for the 1968 western More Dead Than Alive, written by his son George Schneck).

Courtesy of the Vincent Price Exhibit, here’s a fun promotional gimmick. A picture puzzle featuring a picture of Lynn Barri, that also turned into the title of the movie.


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