The Love Boat

Love, ‘exciting and new,’ kept Aaron Spelling’s campy anthology series, The Love Boat, afloat for nine seasons. Featuring a myriad of guest stars – from legends like Helen Hayes (who was Vincent’s first-ever co-star on stage) to popular favourites like Charo – boarding the Pacific Princess, tales of romance played out and intertwined, even involving the ship’s crew. Spelling called it ‘a show for people who couldn’t afford a cruise.’

Ship of Ghouls

Sporting some fab winged collars and a nifty cravatte, Vincent Price was one of the guest stars for the show’s second season Halloween episode (which went out on 28 October 1978).

He plays renowned illusionist Wendell Mordan, who performs under the name of the Amazing Alonzo and who has been hired as the main entertainment on the ship. Joan Blondell is his fiancée Ramona (Joan Blondell), who turns to Captain Stubing for comfort when Alonzo continues to snub her in order to dazzle his female admirers.

Meanwhile, Doc and Gopher pursue a model (Barbara Anderson) who is afraid to face people after an accident left her disfigured; and a boy with a habit of lying can’t get anyone to help during a real time of need. Mary Ann Mobley and Gary Collins play his parents.







2 thoughts on “Ship of Ghouls (1978) | When Vincent Price sailed The Love Boat”

  1. Dear Curator;Why isn’t there a video of this episode of The Love Boat available on YouTube or the Dailymotion app or on your website? I can’t find the episode posted anywhere online, since I am such a big fan of Vincent Price, and I have been one since the 1970s. Please respond to my comments. Yours truly, Margaret Garnto

  2. Somebody finally posted the “Ship of Ghouls ” episode of The Love Boat on YouTube so that I can watch it on my playlist, and I hope that YouTube doesn’t delete it from my playlist or the app.

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