Is This Trip Necessary? was the 12th episode of the fifth and final season of Get Smart, which originally aired on 12 December 1969. It was written by Dale McRaven (The Partridge Family, Mork & Mindy) and directed by Ron Joy.

Get Smart: Is This Trip Necessary?

Both Max (Don Adams) and 99 (Barbara Feldon) have a strange dream – Max is dressed as a Native American chief and 99 is painted black and white; and one of the twins is an alligator!

The next day there is an explanation for this as well as other strange dreams experienced by the Chief (Edward Platt) and the rest of Washington: they are hallucinations caused by a drug manucfactured by KAOS’ mad pharmacist Jarvis Pym (Vincent Price), who threatens to wipe out the government by making the dreams permanent unless he’s paid – $50 million! Can Max and 99 stop him?

Get Smart: Is This Trip Necessary?

The gadgets used in this episode include: Wrist Camera, Secret Compartment Ring, Mortar-in-the-mortar, Hallucinogen Tablet, Sodium Calcium Chloride, Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride, Pro-Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride and Anti-Pro-Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride.

Get Smart: Is This Trip Necessary?

Vincent Price was one of four guest stars who also played villains on TV’s Batman.  While he famously played Egghead, the others were Cesar Romero (The Joker) in The Reluctant Redhead, Julie Newmar (Catwoman) in The Laser Blazer, and Victor Buono (King Tut) in Moonlighting Becomes You.

The title refers to the World War II slogan ‘Is this trip really necessary?’ which encouraged Americans to reconsider their personal travel to save oil, gas and rubber tyres for the war effort.

Pym: Observe. [opens secret compartment in his ring] Sodium Calcium Chloride, do you know what that is?
Max: An artificial sweetener?
Pym: No, it’s the second most deadly poison in the world.
Max: What’s the first?
Pym: Artificial sweetener.

Watch the episode in full for free here

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