A Bedouin sheikh’s daughter (MaureenO¹Hara) returns to Bagdad after being educated in London to find her father dead and his palace looted. A local prince (Paul Christian) is suspected of the murder, as is the corrupt government representative, the Pasha, (VincentPrice). But the real villain may be one of the sheikh’s most trusted aides…

A fun and frothy Arabian adventure with Vinnie in brilliant form as the lecherous Pasha. Top Saturday afternoon fare.

Directed by Charles Lamont
Story by Tamara Hovey

Maureen O’Hara as Princess Marjan
Paul Christian as Prince Hassan
Vincent Price as Pasha Ali Nadim
John Sutton as Raizul
Jeff Corey as Mohammed Jao

Watch the trailer here
Dr Gangrene takes a look back the Arabian adventure

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