When murder is your business, you’d better not fall in love with your work.

Jodie Foster’s conceptual artist Ann Benton goes on the run after witnessing a gangland assassination. Mob boss Lino Avoca (Vincent Price) then hires hit-man Milo (Dennis Hopper) to take her out. But as Milo researches Ann’s life in his efforts to locate the fugitive, he becomes increasingly enamoured by her – and her art – and ends up her protector…


A visually arresting effort from actor/director Dennis Hopper which failed to get a US release and ended up cut, re-titled Catchfire and given only a European and US cable TV release without Hopper’s blessing (hence the Alan Smithee credit).

It’s no masterpiece, but it does boasts energetic performances from stars Hopper and Foster, plus some great cameos from Hopper’s close circle of chums including Bob Dylan, SamFuller, Dean Stockwell and Vincent Price. If you see it, make sure it’s the 1992 Director’s Cut.


Directed by Dennis Hopper
Written by Rachel Kronstadt Mann

Dennis Hopper as Milo
Jodie Foster as Anne Benton
Dean Stockwell as John Luponi
Vincent Price as Mr. Avoca
John Turturro as Pinella
Fred Ward as Pauling
Julie Adams as Martha
G Anthony Sirico as Greek
Sy Richardson as Captain Walker


Here’s a look at the differences between the Theatrical Release and the Director’s Cut:

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